Seabrook Plastics adds larger presses and expands capabilities

Since 1994 when Seabrook Plastics was founded by Serge Cousin, the company originally focused on molding smaller precision parts with press sizes ranging from 35 to 385 ton. With the recent facility expansion completed this Fall, Seabrook has acquired 5 additional presses that range from 500 ton to 1,300 ton.  This first round of equipment installation will substantially increase the range of products that Seabrook Plastics can offer to existing and new customers.

Included in the most recent equipment purchase are three 500 ton LG presses, one 700 ton Chen Hsong and another 1300 ton Chen Hsong press. Each of these units will be outfitted with robots to support production and added-value processing.  The three LG presses feature extended stroke length to accommodate deeper molds.

In addition to increasing the number and size of presses, Seabrook is extending molding capabilities. The two Chen Hsong presses have been outfitted to support IML and IMD.  Additionally, Seabrook is exploring the addition of high-temperature molding to meet the needs of the automotive, medical and food & beverage industries.