Our Capabilities




This is one of many processes Seabrook Plastics implements in the inspection phase of product quality. Optical comparison assures dimensions and product geometry remain in prescribed limits set by our clients. Since 2013, Seabrook Plastics has achieved zero PPMs nearly every month – largely due to this process.


Color matching our clients’ specifications is important during the design and production processes. These procedures define, specify, measure, and manage accurate color specifications. Seabrook Plastics ensures these specifications are met during the entire project, from day one to project completion.


Each project has specific requirements regarding the maximum level of gloss it must have or cannot exceed. Regardless of the level your project calls for, Seabrook Plastics can consistently maintain the specified gloss you desire.


At Seabrook Plastics, we only use material that is certified by our resin suppliers. These materials meet melt flow requirements for the specified thermoplastics polymer. We verify and maintain a record of certification for each lot received. This process is an important step to ensuring the parts we provide meet our clients’ desired specifications.


Seabrook Plastics provides quality consistency in production where colors need to match 100%, which is often a challenge for most to achieve.


Seabrook Plastics takes every step to ensure product quality is never jeopardized due to incorrect moisture content in our raw materials. From receipt of material to distribution through our automated central drying system to filling our molding machines, moisture levels are monitored to prevent resins from going out of spec. We maintain a library of information for each resin and reflect on it to achieve or exceed quality standards.


Seabrook Plastics maintains an IATF 16949 Certification, which certifies that we operate under a certain level of quality. Our quality management system is applicable to manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly of injection molded products. View our certification here.


Within our facility, Seabrook Plastics houses an advanced central drying and material conveying system. These systems work together to ensure raw materials are processed and distributed directly to our individual machines. A custom piping network transports materials from the drying system to the shop floor, ready to use. This technical process reduces waste, eliminates costly downtime, and lowers overall process costs.

Utilizing Seabrook’s innovative material handling system is just one more way we strive to provide our clients with the best possible products at competitive price points.


Seabrook Plastics enhances our level of quality by employing the use of Automated Optical Inspection (AOP). This process is a First Article Inspection that takes place at the press to ensure accuracy for our clients. Using a series of high-resolution cameras and custom software, we are able to inspect each piece for defects with incredible accuracy and ease.

This process takes place at the press, where a team member previously examined individual pieces by eyesight alone. The increase in efficiency since using AOP is staggering. This process continues to directly impact our ability to produce a multitude of products while maintaining at or near zero PPMs for the past several years.


No bad parts.  No mad customers. The owner and colleagues of Seabrook Plastics practice complete dedication to quality. Our commitment to providing 100% defect-free products means quality is never compromised. We achieve this by refusing to work around defective equipment or tooling that may lower our ability to provide the highest quality service and products to our clients.

For our clients, we know your top priority is getting the best possible product, at the most competitive price. That’s why we’ve engineered and developed solutions to a lot of common injection molding obstacles. As a result, for the past several years, Seabrook Plastics has achieved at or near zero PPMs every month. Our custom Project Validation process, featuring APQP and PPAP processes, ensures you receive parts that meet or exceed your expectations.


Seabrook Plastics currently has multiple injection molding presses ranging from 17 ton to 1300 ton capacities. With our expertise and in-depth experience in molding with a wide variety of resins, no job is out of the question – whether it’s big or small, simple or complex. Whatever the need, Seabrook Plastics provides a cost-effective solution that will exceed your expectations.

We integrate additional equipment into the manufacturing process, such as our Automated Optical Inspection system and the use of custom robotics, in order to efficiently produce superior quality products. Using the most modern technologies in our manufacturing process allows us to produce a wide range of products for our clients.


Seabrook Plastics is a leader in automation technology used in injection molding. By integrating the use of robotics in our entire facility, we have been able to increase speed, precision accuracy, and product quality. This allows us to use our human resources more efficiently and continue our efforts of driving costs down.

Seabrook’s robotics and automation systems offer a host of advantages, from heightened and consistent part quality to reduced part-to-part variation. These systems also lessen labor cost, part costs, and overall waste. The result is an increase in efficiency and a better product for our clients.


Each project starts with our APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) engagement of the Seabrook Plastics Advanced Project Validation Process. This process ensures an exceptional level of Task Oversight, Process Management, Quoting, Project Feasibility, Tool Design / Take Over Tooling, Control Plan, and Customer Approval Process. It also includes Dimensional and Capability Studies, Submission of PPAP / ISIR Package for Approval, and Annual Revalidation per our customer guidelines. These disciplines and our focus of implementing them have fostered our documented history of delivering dynamic support and project-oriented task resolution for all our clients.

Using our Advanced Project Validation Process, each project is reviewed by our management team to ensure that our clients receive project support and a quality product – ultimately providing you with a competitive advantage.